With ACROSS Language Experts, you will be able to communicate fluently, effectively and in real time with your counterparts, clients and business partners. The best communication can never be achieved only through basic proficiency in any language. Successful communication is based on the best services provided by a team of expert simultaneous interpretation and text translation professionals, working in your field of expertise, thus enabling your officers and executives to do the job they were meant to do, without diverting into other time-consuming tasks, such as translation. No distractions..

What is Simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation is a specialized activity performed by a professional interpreter, based on verbal communication of a message given by a speaker in his/her native tongue (source language), into a target language for the attendees to capture the messages in real time. This activity requires a set of highly specialized skills in order to convey the original message between the source and target languages without any sort of distortion. ACROSS Language Experts relies on Colombia's top qualified and certified interpreters, all with broad experience in the field of translation and interpretation. The service is provided during seminars, forums, training courses, tele-conferences, video-conferences and meetings, whenever there is a language barrier, the subject matter is highly technical or specialized, and any number of attendees (anywhere from two to several thousands) are present. The media is another very important sector that uses our Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation services. We work with radio stations and television networks on live and recorded broadcasts, in several languages and for millions of listeners and viewers.

How does it work?

In addition to highly qualified interpreters, simultaneous interpretation requires the support of a specialized technical team of sound professionals that allow the interpreters to hear the speaker flawlessly while, in real time, they communicate the message in the target language. Through these sound devices, interpreters can immediately produce the same message in the target language to be heard by the audience, who will use our available headsets to hear the interpreter without interrupting anyone nearby, as is the case with consecutive interpretation.

This activity requires a tremendous amount of concentration and mental effort. Thus, when the conference or meeting is planned for over two hours in length, it becomes necessary for two interpreters to work together and alternate every 20 to 30 minutes, avoiding fatigue and subsequent interpretation inaccuracies.

Interpretation during meetings (accompaniment) is another service we provide, consisting of performing the same Simultaneous Interpretation activity, but during short meetings taking place in different places throughout the work day (visiting offices, plants, manufacturing facilities, etc.). This service is provided with the aid of a portable sound system for small groups of people (1 to 20), comprised of a portable transmitter for the interpreter and one receiver and headset for each attendee.

ACROSS Language Experts provides the best quality in interpretation and sound equipment (Listen, Telex, Williams Sound, Sony), whether you are planning a mass event for thousands of guests, or a small training session for 5 attendees.

Faithful translation of your documents is essential to you and your company. When conducting business abroad, translation becomes a vital part of your communication with your clients, a must in the globalized business world we currently live in.

Our interpreters are officially certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and are fully prepared to provide the best translations of technical, scientific, legal and financial documents in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and more.

We are highly committed to high fidelity and timeliness with our deliveries.

Our service offering includes sound equipment to cover both domestic and international events, with the ability to transmit between 2 and 8 languages simultaneously in one or more conference rooms by way of a relay system (interconnection between sound booths), enabling all of the attendees at your conference to hear the speaker in their preferred language through our wireless receivers and headsets. .

Our competent and growing team of interpreters and translators is currently made up of approximately 30 professionals from different academic backgrounds, native speakers of several languages, and all committed to our projects and catering to our clients' communication needs. Each language need and each topic are thoroughly assessed in order to determine the ideal interpreters for your event or text translation. ACROSS Language Experts was founded and is still run by our Manager, Erick Forero, M.Eng.