We are a company dedicated to simultaneous interpretation and text translation services for clients in a variety of businesses and industries (consulting, engineering, finance, legal medicine, telecommunications, etc.). Our headquarters are located in Bogotá, Colombia, where we provide all of our expertise and knowledge accrued through 15 years of operation to clients around the globe. Our competent and growing team of interpreters and translators is currently made up of approximately 30 professionals from different backgrounds, native speakers of several languages, and all committed to our projects and catering to our clients' communication needs. We have worked in joint efforts with senior executives from multinational firms and government officials from across the globe on the implementation or large projects of corporate, scientific, trade, social and political nature, acting as the foundation for our clients' communication and development with their counterparts. Our aim is to provide the highest quality standards and timely services.

Why place your confidence, credibility and the image of your organization in the hands of ACROSS? Because we have always met the standards; our years of experience have given us a track record of fidelity towards our clients - our endeavor is to be the best at what we do, so you can also rank number one in your specialty; that is our target. Our high standards of timeliness and quality have earned us a place among the top companies in the field of translation and interpretation in Colombia. ACROSS Language Experts is a value-based organization.

How can we effectively convey a message if the source code is mistaken? With ACROSS Language Experts, you will be able to communicate fluently and in real time with your counterparts, clients and business partners. The key to success when effective communication in several languages is a must, and it is underpinned by the highest quality and accuracy simultaneous interpretation service, aided by experienced, professional interpreters. Our services:

• Simultaneous interpretation in conferences and/or meetings
• Text translation
• Fixed and portable sound system rental

•Fulfillment of each and everyona of
our promises
•High quality
•Ability to provide complex solutions

• To provide our services to companies and individuals who need to communicate with different cultures and in different languages, assisting them in reaching their work-related, commercial and educational goals.

• To accomplish the best, most efficient and accurate communication between our clients from different parts of the world.

• To cause a positive impact on our students, all the way from the beginning of their enrollment process,to their return home from abroad, such that their experience creates a noticeable transformation on their personal and professional development.

Our2015 goal is to be recognized as the number one translation-service and study-abroad agency in the country, in an ongoing effort to reach out to multinational companies headquartered both abroad and in Colombia, as well as establishing representation agreements with the best education institutions around the globe, and partnering with local companies in the sectors of language schools and travel agencies, expanding our coverage and sales operations to the major cities and towns in Colombia.

ACROSS Language Experts, was born from the need to fill the voids created by language barriers, through the supply of top-quality services like simultaneous interpretation, text translation, and audio equipment rentals for interpretation events, in addition to offering the best study-abroad programs, with top standards of quality, timeliness, the right technology and a highly qualified, competent, motivated and efficient group of professionals. Our infrastructure enables us to the best communication liaison between our clients and their objectives.